Take the Long View

A long-term focus rewards investors with a powerful edge:

Achieve Long-term Goals

Investors who care about achieving their financial and impact goals stay invested throughout market cycles.

Helping clients understand the trade-off between volatility (i.e. short-term risk), return and impact increases “staying power” in stressed markets.

Access Superior Managers

We believe the hurdle to invest in active managers is very high since the vast majority fail to earn their fees. 

Extraordinary managers are hard to access and self-select only the longest-term investors as clients. A long horizon, coupled with thoughtful acceptance of illiquidity, is crucial to secure access.

Benefit from a Value Bias

Buying assets at a discount can offer a margin of safety but requires patience and discipline.

In our experience, short-term asset allocation bets are a distraction. Occasionally, extreme market valuations may offer patient investors an opportunity to enhance returns.

We are fortunate to be backed –both with capital and assets- by families who share our investment philosophy.