Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Arvella Investments has been named an official Nominator for The Earthshot Prize, launched by Prince William and The Royal Foundation.

The Earthshot Prize – the most prestigious global environment prize in history – will support the global effort to protect and restore the environment while also turning the current pessimism surrounding environmental issues into optimism, highlighting the ability of human ingenuity to bring about change.

Taking inspiration from President John F. Kennedy’s Moonshot, which united millions of people around an organising goal to put man on the moon, The Earthshot Prize is centred around five ‘Earthshots’. Each is a simple but ambitious goal for our planet, which if achieved by 2030 will improve life for us all, and for generations to come. The Earthshots are:

Protect and Restore Nature

Clean our Air

Revive our Oceans

Build a Waste-Free World

Fix our Climate

Together, they form a unique set of challenges rooted in science, which aim to generate new ways of thinking, as well as new technologies, systems, policies and solutions.
By bringing these five critical issues together, The Earthshot Prize recognises the interconnectivity between environmental challenges and the urgent need to tackle them together.

Every year from 2021 until 2030, Prince William, alongside The Earthshot Prize Council which covers six continents, will award The Earthshot Prize to five winners, one per Earthshot, whose evidence-based solutions make the most progress towards these goals.

The nominations process will open at the start of November 2020.

The Earthshot Prize’s nominators have been selected for their ability to identify the most impactful solutions to the five Earthshot challenges across all countries and sectors, from grassroots to businesses. Spanning the globe, nominators include our Global Alliance, a network of global organisations committed to environmental action who share the ambition of the Prize to repair the planet, as well as academic and non-profit institutions and private sector alliances from around the world.

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Monday, August 3rd, 2020

Fulcrum Asset Management launches innovative climate change fund to keep global temperature rise below two degrees

Citywire Selector

Institutional Asset Manager

Investment Week

“Fulcrum has worked with environmental transition experts, Iceberg Data Lab, to create a product that is designed to be in line with science-based international best practice. The Fund is also a product of collaboration with Arvella Investments which, after an extensive yet fruitless search for an established diversified equity fund aligned with the Paris Agreement, turned to Fulcrum for a solution.

Benoit Mercereau, CIO at Arvella Investments, says: “With most major global benchmarks on a 3-degree trajectory, we are pleased to have been able to work with Fulcrum to design a fund that is not only providing us with access to the global equity market but doing so in a way that is in-line with a below 2°C trajectory.” 

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

Les Echos

“Nous avons une double ambition. Proposer la meilleure offre de gestion patrimoniale en Europe, tout en ayant un impact positif sur la société.”

Arvella Investments: l’excellence et la solidarité comme double ambition 

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

Financial Times

“A Morningstar analysis of SEC reports on how funds voted at US shareholder meetings this year reveals that many big asset managers’ ESG funds often side with management and vote against climate or social shareholder proposals. The new SEC data come as officials at Arvella Investments published research showing a big variety in climate proposal support from index funds. In 2018, BlackRock supported only 23 per cent of climate change proposals while Legal & General supported 85 per cent.”

Green property financing, Frontier impact, US chiefs v gun violence (article behind paywall)